Caleb moved to the front of the Grande Praire airport, ducking from cover to cover. He sneaked beside a car, 20 meters from the front of the airport. He scanned the front, darkness creeping in with the retreat of the sun. Everything was quiet, the wind started to pick up as the last car alarm shut of.

Caleb tensed up, it looked too safe. A quiet laugh pierced the stillnes. He checked his chamber, no blood or dirt. He shook, and sprinted beside the front door, gun raised. He peaked into the airport, it was dark and disturbingly clean. Caleb wondered where the Frenchman's bulldozer was. Shaking his head he muttered out loud "don't make a promise that you can't keep..." With that, Caleb rushed through the open doors, scanning the room silently. His boots weren't quiet, and he winced with every smack. The room was clear, even of bodies.

Laughing was coming from upstairs. Caleb looked up a flight of stairs, artwork riddled with bullets above the staircase. Moving as silently up the staircase as possible, he began pressing his M4 harder and harder into his shoulder. He crouched below the top of the staircase. A beer bottle smashed into a wall. Caleb ran to the top of the staircase, scanning the only hallway, to his right. It was a restaurant, windows two stories high overlooking the airfield. A large frenchman sat in a chair, laughing. Beer bottles were littered on the soiled stone floor. Caleb turned on the flashlight on his gun, revealing a minigun in the Frenchmans lap. Caleb hesitated, finger of the trigger. The minigun spun up, and Caleb rolled backwords, leaping down the staircase on his back, gun pointed towards the top. Glass shattered, and a voice yelled "aurevoir, soldat!" Caleb yelled "damnit!" and ran back to the top. A hole was in the second story window. Caleb sprinted to it, and aimed down his sights. The man was already in a hanger. A massive boom echoed in the airport to his right. Caleb spun, but it was too late. A massive hand grabbed him, and tossed him out the window. Caleb clumsily landed feet first on the concrete, falling onto his side. A scream rang through the air. Caleb covered his ears. The scream stopped, his ears were bleeding, and he could only hear a high pitched sound.

The thing jumped out of the window at Caleb, yelling he rolled to the side, as it smashed into the concrete. It had 5 legs, and a huge arm. 5 tentacles were were it's mouth was supposed to be. A large tail was on it's back, with a sharp bone, it's skin black . Caleb stood up and ran, ducking below a passenger airliner. It chased him, smashing into the hull, screaming. Caleb started swearing, covering his ears and running as fast as his bruised legs could carry him, rifle dangling by it's strap. Caleb slid beside a firetruck, and rolled underneath a nearby plane, behind a landing gear. The monster jumped over the firetruck.

It looked around with two red eyes on tentacles. It stayed for a few minutes, it's 6 foot tall frame staying still. A helicopter rolled out of the aircraft hanger, and the monster moved towards it. The helicopter rose, evading the thing and moved east. Caleb grunted, and sprinted back inside the airport. He made it inside and to the front of the airport, until he reached the safety of the highway. His muscles ached, and large cuts were on his stomach. Blood soaked his t-shirt. Sitting against a truck, he began stitching his stomach back together. Putting away his Med-kit, he snuck into an open truck. He tried to catch his breath, ears ringing. He kicked the seats in frustration,  cried and slept for the night.

The End

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