Ashton: Ok, we're driving.Mature

We were in the car, driving past the destruction and carnage. My backpack was on my knees, inside it was a knife and, in an emergency, a gun. There was also several pieces of fruit, some beef jerky, bread, and a couple water bottles.

Then there was a bump. I slammed on the brake pedal and looked through the back window.

"What was that!?"

Sniper spoke, "weren't you paying attention. That was a zombie, I thought it was intentional."

"Oh, no, I was thinking."

I pressed on the gas pedal again and the car sped up.

Murphy spoke this time, "you want someone else to drive?"

"No, I'll be fine."

Silence settled upon the car was we left the city limits.

"Is it just me, or are there not as many zombies in the country?"

"I think it's because there's not a large amount of food out here for them." Murphy

"Ah, I see."

"So, what do you have in that backpack?" Murphy

"Hmm? Oh! A knife, a gun, apples, pears, oranges, kiwis, beef jerky, bread, water. Just normal stuff you need to survive."

"Huh." Sniper.

"Yeah, who knew I liked to live." I joke.

The End

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