The Hard Part... (Murphy)Mature

Hammers and Sniper walk up to a sorta nice SUV and look in the window.

   "Here! Found one!" Hammers says. He gets in and turns the key.

  "Huh?" Sniper asks, already in shotgun.

  "Good luck with that," someone says from behind. Ashton and Sniper turn around. A man stands there with the sunset to his back. He walks up to the car.

 "All the cars are dry. After the first week, all of the useful supplies are expended." He says. "By the way, I'm--

  "NO!" Sniper says. "No names. It just--"

  "Then shut up and cover my ass. Jesus. I'm Murphy," He says. Sniper gives him a look that says, "What the hell is this guy thinking?"

  "What the hell are you lookin' at?"

"Oh, uh... I wasn't... hehe."

"Jesus." Murphy says, and walks up to a van. "Get in if you love living."

"I thought there was no gas," Ashton says.

"Biodiesel. Helluva lot easier to make from the suppies at hand. Which means nothin'.  I'm actually out to get some seeds for the vegetable garden. I've got a lotta sweetcorn today, you're in luck."

"Okay, but can we stop by Canadian Tire?" Hammers says.



The End

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