Ashton: Group, crackers.Mature

I notice her sniper rifle drawn then I hear it too. The groans of a group of zombies heading our way. I turn to look, and I see 20, no 30 zombies. I look at her as she aims, then fires.

I take out my hammers and I weild them. Then I begin smashing the heads of the zombies. As the zombies crunch with ever strike of my hammer, I notice the sounds of her bullets as she fires.

In the aftermath, I slump to the ground. I had killed 11 and she had killed 19

"I've had enough of this, damn zombies."

"Well, at least we can do this together."

"Yeah, strength in numbers."

I look over to the parking lot.

"Let's see if we can get lucky and find a car with the keys inside."

She agrees and we go off.

The End

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