"Why are we going south?" I asked quite curious. He turned to me.

"My sister is in Austin, Texas. I, I just want to see her again. It'll be nice to see my family." I nod completly understanding.

"Well, let's get walking, Grovedale is about 30 kilometers away."

As we walked my mind drifted to my own family. I hadn't seen them since this whole zombie thing started. I didn't even know what happened to them.

Quickly I pushed those thoughts away. They're okay. I told myself and concentraited on the the trouble now. I realized now that I had stopped walking. Hammer was a few feet away looking at me with a worried expression. He opened his mouth to speak but I spoke first.

"I'm fine. Just thinking..." I started walking again, looking at the horizon while Hammer followed in step. Just then I heard a familer noise. Hammer heard it too.

With in one second I had my sniper rifle out. It was time to exterminate these zombies.

The End

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