Ashton: Hey, where'd M4 go?Mature

I hear quick footsteps, as if someone was running, but they were going away. I turn to see, and I turn my head, I notice that sniper has got her rifle out and was scanning the store.

"M4, he's gone."

She looked at me, putting her rifle away.


"Beats me, maybe he has a place he needs to go, I'm sure he'll be OK."


We both walk out of the store and into the destroyed world. I turn to Sniper.

"Right now we're in Grande Prairie, if you hadn't known before. I'm heading south, so that means we're going to Grovedale first."

She nods, not really knowing where we are.

"Why are we going south?"

I turn to her.

"My sister is in Austin, Texas. I, I just want to see her again. It'll be nice to see family."

She nods, understanding my plight.

"Well, let's get walking, Grovedale is about 30 kilometers away."

The End

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