Ashton: Checking out the noise.Mature

I was going to check the area where I clearly heard a paint can drop. I was walking around when I heard a groaning, and I saw a zombie. I weilded my hammers, it wasn't looking at me. One hit, two hit, dead; hit again for confirmation. I stand up and then hear someone yelling.


Then a man came into my isle, pointing a gun at me.

"Friendly, don't shoot."

He pointed the gun to the ground.

"What are you doing here?"

"Well, I'm stocking up on rations." I point to my backpack.

"I see, what about the safeway across the street."

"Are you kidding! Safeway is swarming with zombies! I don't need that kind of danger on my tail."

"Shh, I hear someone."

We both kneel down and listen and we both hear the faintest footsteps. We both walk in unison towards the intruder. As we walk around we both see a girl, and she has a sniper rifle strapped to her back. I walk out from behind the barrier of camping supplies.

"Hey! Another human!"

As if they were trained to, the sniper rifle came off their back, into their hands, and pointed at me in a matter of a fraction of a second. But she realizes I'm human, and she puts it back.

"What's your names?"

I shake my head.

"No names, it just makes it harder if one of us..."

I didn't have to say it, but the danger was there, and we all knew it. Then she spoke up.

"Fine, I'll just give you a nickname, Hammer. And You'll be M4."

"I laugh, OK then you're Sniper."

Then Sniper talks again. "You know where I can get more bullets?"

I nod, "yeah there should be some bullets back here."

And I lead her to the isle, and there are of course, bullets. She punches through the glass and grabs a couple packs, putting them in her pockets.

The End

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