Caleb (Dyerz)Mature

Caleb hit the wall, fingering his M4A1 assault rifle, on his last Magazine, forteen rounds left. He ditched his helmet, kit, cans, and combat vest a few days ago, it turned out that speed was a greater ally. He only had his shinguards and camo left. Caleb raised his gun, took a deep breath and ran to the corner. He crouched, and looked around. A bulldozer was driving of, wreaking havoc. Caleb swore and aimed at the bulldozer. Not having a shot, he started running from cover to cover across the street, hoping to death that no one saw him. Fighting one idiot with a minigun is hard enough without the ravenous freaks. Probably going to be some coming his way with the amount of car alarms his bulldozer's setting of.

A body was on the ground. Caleb ran to it, and flipped it over, using the bayonet on his gun. It was a dead, looted soldier. A sergeant. Caleb fell to one knee and groaned. He forced himself back up, and jogged to the parking lot of the Canadian Tire, sweeping the area. He took cover behind a car, and started checking the area. In the distance, it looked like a woman. Caleb took a deep breath, hoping that she wasn't in a killing mood. He made sure that there wasn't any other way, and then bolted into the Canadian tire, rolling over some glass and into the entrance. He vaulted over a counter. Caleb sighed, and stood up. He jogged to a back entrance, ignoring the idiotic carnage left by his target. He slowly opened the door, and checked. There wasn't much cover and there was a glint of a scope in the distance. Caleb swore, and punched his fist against the wall.

Caleb heard a moan and spun around, assault rifle at the ready. He mumbled "great. Why doesn't everyone just let me get this guy?" He elbowed a paintcan over. Caleb groaned, and heard footsteps. He ran to an Isle, seeing a man with a hammer. He yelled "friendly?" The guy said "friendly, don't shoot!" Caleb pointed his gun down, slightly relieved, thinking " I've seen guys with IEDs strapped to their chests do the exact same thing, blowing up dozens of people. Can't trust him, might be a faker."

The End

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