I sat behind a dead tree, in front of me was Canadian Tire, breathing heavily, holding my sniper rifle at the ready pointed at the sky. Behind me I could hear the faint groaning of the zombie who had been chasing me. It didn't know where I was but I could hear it.

Quietly I got onto my knees faced the rifle foreward and slowly turned to look around the tree. I looked through the scope and lined the zombie up with the lines. I pressed down on the trigger and the bang of the gun rang through the air. I watched with relief as I saw the zombie fall. I put the rifle back into it's case that hung on my back and pulled out a dagger, slowly aproaching the zombie.

Once making sure it was dead I put my dagger back into it's sheath.

"Who knew that one day a simple junior like me would be fighting for her life in a zombie infested planet." I said to myself as I made my way into Canadian Tire to look for some more ammo.

The End

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