Twisted Michael (Dyerz)Mature

Michael woke up, a headache pulsating. He stood up and groaned. He remembered something about guns. He looked around the store and found the gun section, ammo everywhere's. Michael laughed, and grabbed a backpack. He broke the gun shelfs glass and took all of the 30 caliber ammo he could, reloading his minigun and filling his backpack. Michael looked to his right and found two laser pointers. Smiling, he grabbed them and taped them behind his miniguns six barrels, making sure not to cover the painted smiling face. Michael put his backpack on and began walking out of the store, his six foot four, 230 pound muscular frame pounding the floor. Before he left, he tossed a stick of dynamite behind him. He walked halfways across the parking lot before glass sprayed the front of the store, car alarms going of. 

Michael found his bulldozer and drove of, smashing cars, looking for a liquor store.

The End

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