Ashton: Hammers.Mature

I was walking around Canadian Tire. Grabbing hammers and other weapons. Then, I hear a groan in the distance, and the dragging of feet. Then, a zombie appears on the other end of the aisle. Dried blood clinging to it's maw and flesh stuck between it's teeth. It's body ripped and shredded with claw marks of a thousand people.

I grab one of the hammers hanging from my belt and I cautiously walk towards the zombie. Then I smash the hammer onto it's head, breaking the skull, creating an impact. The zombie falls to the ground and lays still. Not convinced, I smashed the hammer into it's head again, and again. Then the zombie convulses, and then stops.

I breath a sigh of relief due to my victory against the zombie kind. It's been 3 months since they started appearing. Then, suddenly, I hear a noise like the dropping of a paint can. Curious, I check it out, it may be another survivor.

The End

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