Taylor: TogetherMature

I walked around the town for a while. I saw a car driving towards me. It was going to hit me! I jumped out of the way just before it could hit me. The guy walked out of his car, only it wasn't a guy! It was my sister! "Skye? Is that you?"

It was my sister Skye. She is my only sister. Just before the zombie apocalypse Skye had her second baby. We have been best friends but when she moved to yellow knife I haven't seen her since. I was so relieved. But I saw something on her arm. It was red and it was dripping? It was BLOOD! "Skye, were you bitten?" "Yes, I was." "I have a cure! I have 3 left!" "Really! So I'm not gonna turn into one of them?" "Yes!"

I gave the cure to her and her infection was gone. While I was in the university, I found something, I didn't know what it was but I felt it was important. When I first saw it, it had in big red letters "INFECTED" But when I used the cure It said "Not Infected". "Skye, you are cured!" "Awesome, thanks Taylor."

I got into her car and I saw her boyfriend, Davin, and Her daughter, Mercy. There was a baby sleeping. I didn't ask what his/her name was because I knew we weren't gonna be together forever. But for now we are Together.

The End

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