Taylor: SneakingMature

 My name is Taylor. These 3 months of the zombie apocalypse  have been really challenging, especially for a 14 year old boy. I was with my parents when we were attacked. My parents were both bitten. I was too. I lived close to a university and I heard they were making a cure. I didn't know what they were talking about but I had a hunch the cure was to stop the zombie infection from spreading.

I was scared and I was crying. I grabbed knife from my kitchen and walked out my house. The chunk that was missing was from my leg, so I had trouble running let alone walking. But I made it. I made it to the university. I walked in the front doors and scanned the area. This was just like one of my favorite games, Resident Evil. I didn't see any zombies or hear any so I thought it was safe to walk. I saw a map, I had to look for the experiment room.

With about 5 minutes of walk-running I saw a door with a sign that said," Experiment room" I walked in and there were lots of zombies. "Oh crap" I said to myself as I walked quietly in. I barely made any noise and the zombies didn't even know I was there. I tiptoed to the case that was filled with antidotes. I grabbed it and it started an alarm. But mostly there heard my scream from the alarm. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" I screamed running out of that room and out of the university. For some reason when I run on my own command I run really slow but when I am running away from something I can run like the wind.

I opened up and I said,"Is this the cure?" It was and I injected it into myself. I felt a big relief like when someone sits on you and they get up. The chunk was still missing, of course, but the infection was gone.

The End

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