Caleb (The Asset)Mature

Everything looked dark... and it was so slow. I couldn't move my hands. A helicopters roter started beating. I'm dreaming again... I can't control this one...

The choppers rotter beat the air, a burning Toronto below us. I nervously fingered my M4A1, switching to single shot, bayonet on the end. In front of me is a large, muscular unarmed French guy, 22 year old sergeant Pillars and beside me is 20 year old private Anders. The pilot put 3 fingers up. My sergeant yelled "when we land, we move into the server room and the asset will extract the data. keep the asset safe, if the mission is about to fail, we terminate the facility. The channel is 45 for fire support, code "Avalanche". I nodded, and the pilot put up two fingers. My hands started shacking, and I searched for my bottle. It was half full. I grabbed a pill, swallowed, and breathed in and out. The pilot held up one finger. The helicopter hovered a few feet of the ground, and we all jumped of. The helicopter flew away, and my squad started firing. We made a semi-circle around the asset, firing single shot. We kept moving through the zombies. Anders figured that we could take out 90 zombies before we had to reload at best. There were a lot more then 90 zombies, and before I knew it, my sidearm was out. We made it to the entrance, and the big guy put his card up to the entrance way. My pistol clicked, and I slapped a fresh clip in. A zombie tackled anders, only to bite his bayonet. 

The door opened, and we all stumbled inside, thanking the military and it's hatred of windows. We closed the door, reloading our assault rifles, Anders unjammed his rifle. Lights flicked on, illuminating a blood stained floor. Scorched bodies were on the floor. Ahead was a hallway with metal detectors. Ahead of that was two elevators. Sergeant Pillars said "line up, assets behind me. Caleb, watch the asset. Anders, behind Caleb, let's move!" We moved through the beeping metal detectors, firing one round into each of the corpses along the way. We made it to the elevators, the elevators doors turned red. 

A voice came over the intercom "Weakness". A mike extended out of the wall. Pillars spoke into the mike "Invictus is triumph". The elevators door stayed red. Pillars yelled "DID YOU HEAR ME? INVICTUS IS TRIUMPH!" They stayed closed. Pillars opened a pocket on his vest, and removed 4 bricks of C4. He slapped them on the elevator and motioned everyone back. They ran back to the first room, and lied down, covering their ears. Pillars detonated the C4, dust blinding everyone. My ears were ringing, it felt like someone smacked a hammer into my stomach. I heard a mumbling, and a hand pulled me up. Anders patted my shoulder, and slapped my helmet. His mouth was moving, but nothing was coming out. I yelled "I can't hear!"

Anders looked at me funny, and pointed towards the elevator. I nodded, and everyone lined up. The elevator door was blown open 3 feet inwards, revealing the inside of the white steel elevator. I placed a brick of C4 on the bottom of the elevator, and everyone hid around the corner. I detonated. I heard a quiet boom, and the light shut of in the elevator. Pillars went in first, and jumped through the new hole in the elevator. We all followed suite at intervals of six seconds. I jumped second last, falling 12 feet. Smacking the bottom, I rolled. Pain rippling through my legs, I stood up and found the asset and Pillars opening the elevator door. I ran up, and pulled on the steel. Anders fell down, recovered and began to help us. We pulled the door open all the way. Anders melted the door to the floor with thermite, keeping it open.

Pillars waved me forward, a dark room greeting us. I turned on my flashlight, and scanned the room. A small server room greeted me, and quiet crying. The room smelled rotten, and I paced forward, realizing that my hearing was coming back. The rest of the team formed up behind me, Pillars running ahead of me. We scanned the room, and found behind a desk a crying technician. Pillars soothingly said "my name is Pillars, we're here for the package." The technician looked at pillars  and whispered " it's in the next room, right there." The technician pointed behind him at a steel door. "Please, help me." Pillars shook his head and handed the man his pistol. "Sorry, we're not here for you." The technician shook his head and whispered "we had to lock the systems down, burned everyone, glad you weren't one of them." The technician shook his head and cried. I looked at the Asset, and Pillars said "Anders, go with the Asset. We'll stay here and cover your back." An automatic voice came on the speaker "remember, use drugs at tolerable levels. A safe solution is a happy solution."

I scanned the room. The door opened, and the two walked into the room. The door closed, and a gunshot from a different gun then Anders used resounded. Pillars yelled into his com "Anders come in.  COME IN, ANDERS! ASSET, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Silence filled the room. Lights flicked on, and the floor opened up. Men and woman in glass container rose out of the floor. Pillars yelled "FIRE, FIRE!" We fired at the glass only to find it bulletproof." The containers opened up, and zombies sprinted at us. The Technician was the first to die, ran out of ammo. There had to be at least 50 of them, but some moved fast, adrenaline pumping through their veins. Getting overrun, we backtracked, firing. Some took more then 3 or even 5 shots to the chest to take down. I tossed a frag grenade, limbs flew everywhere. A zombie charged me, pinning me to the ground. It tried bitting my neck, dragging me along the floor, my assault rifle dragging by it's strap. I grabbed my pistol, and fired a full clip into it's chest until it died. It slumped over, and a bone chilling scream came from Anders. I moved the zombie of my chest, and tossed a flashbang across the room. Closing my eyes, a flash came with a boom.Everyone ran in random directions, and Pillars stood up, blood drolling from his mouth 5 feet away. I winced, hesitated and shot him in the head. Grabbing his tags, I sprinted towards the elevator shaft, tossing a smoke grenade behind me and began climbing. After 2 minutes, I made it to the top. 

I sprinted down the hallway, moaning following. A voice came on my com "fire for effect, 123 street, southwest confirm Avalanche." "confirming fire support, 15 seconds, Firing for effect!" I ran faster, and opened the entryway door. I ran outside, made it 20 meters across a street and through a store before missiles and artillery struck the building, leveling it, and the building near it. A deafening boom came, and I ran as the shrapnel began collapsing the ceiling behind me. I found myself in darkness, covered in blood. Clutching Pillars tags, I slumped to my knee, furiously crying. Everything went bright.

A sun greeted me, I had woke up. That kid was there, but he looked... wrong. I growled at him, but the voice wasn't mine. Someone yelled "Kill him!" Pillars, my brothers tags, slipped out of my pocket. Everything went black.

The End

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