Ashton: Hey, a crash.Mature

We were driving through the country, trying to find a city with some more supplies. And as we were passing a farmer's field there was a truck that smashed into a tree.

"Holy! We should check that out!"


"What? Why not?"

"Could be zombies."

"Oh, please."

I stopped the car and pulled out the keys. I stuck my tongue out at Murphy and I opened the door. I stepped onto the pavement and began talking to the truck. I heard more doors open, so I turned back and saw them walking towards me. So, I walked upto the truck and I managed to pry the door open, then M4 fell out.

"Hey! It's M4!"


"He's a guy that Sniper and I were with until he ditched. He looks passed ou... my God. He's been infected."

I take a couple steps back and put my hands on my mouth. Then Murphy took out a gun and pointed it at M4's face.

"No, don't shoot him."

Murphy looked at me, "what? Why not."

I slid my backpack off my shoulders.

"I have a cure."

"A cure!"

"Yeah, I found 3 vials in the university."

Both Murphy and Sniper's mouths drop.

"And you didn't tell us this because?"

"Because, I wasn't sure whether you were trustworthy."

I take out a vial of green tinted liquid. And I walk to M4, but before I can inject him, he opens his eyes and they're yellow, and he tries to crawl out of the truck while growling.

"Dammit! Shoot him!"

Murphy empties two bullets into M4's head, and I buckle to my knees and cry.

The End

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