The Asset (Dyerz)Mature

"Caleb! CALEB, WAKE UP!" A hand shook my shoulder, and I mumbled "sorry Seargant Pillars." I opened my eyes, Pillars sat across from me, a helicopters roters beating. Anders was beside me, tightening his bayonet. Across, was a large frenchman. Pillars smiled at me, two holes went into his chest, blood spraying on the floor. Pillars looked at me and exclaimed "Caleb, why didn't you save me?" Anders head exploded next to me.

I woke up screaming. The stitching on my stomach reopened. I groaned as blood seeped out. I sat upright on the seat, and dug out Pillars tags. With teary eyes, I put them back in my pocket, and opened the door. A new sun was casting shadows on the dead city, blinding me as I stumbled out of the tuck, collapsing on the ground. Groaning, I started walking, one painful step at a time. I walked 9 meters from the truck, before collapsing. Groaning, I looked at my legs. They were bruised all over, and a piece of glass was stuck in my foot. I yanked the glass out, holding my breath. I groaned, and started crawling back towards the truck. Crawling into the driver side, I found keyes in the ignition. The Ford gloriously started. Looking at my M4, I closed my eyes tight, and started driving east, across an open field. The doors of the Ford locked as my hands slipped of the wheel, and darkness once again engulfed the world.

The End

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