I grabed a shotgun and ran.The living dead were after me.Am I insane?Zombies are attacking.That can't be.The dead are trying to kill me.But as I wonder if i'm halucenating a zombie bites me.I feel a rush of the virus taking over my body.I got up.I'm dead.But I walk.My body moves out.But suddenly I sence gunshots.My new instincs are to eliminate the zombie hunters.I walk north twoard the gunshots.SLAM!A cage falls on me.A helicopter has dropped it.The helicopter lifts me up.I grunt(that is about all the virus can make me say.About a hour later the helicopter lands on a nuclear carrier.My cage is transported to a white room.The man near me looks at me."you sure this thing is a man who had a reversible immune system" the man askes."yes sir"."Alright stap him to a bed."I am draged to a bed,I try to bite the men.Seconds later my vision went blurry."Lets hope this works" are the last words I here.

The End

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