Paul: Flying

Finally! A good idea!

So we got in the heli, this time I was pilot. Reason: I'm not completely sure but Matt knows nothing about helicopter, and Ryan's more hurt than me. It took off quite well, and there were like 10 machine guns on the ground (obviously meant for us) so we had defense. I headed the opposite direction, then I had to ask.

"Anywhere in mind?" I look at Ryan, he pointed to the military base. Matt was wide-eyed.

"Are you crazy?!? Then we'll die for sure!!"

"Trust me on this, go!" So I went that way anyway. This people on the ground noticed this, and for some reason started shooting at the guys chasing us. I see what Ryan was doing, he thought if the army saw helicopters attacking one of they're own they'd do something. Thank God he was right!

One of the helicopters finally lost control. It caught on fire and headed to the left... which was conveniently where the other one was! They both stopped working and crashed to the ground. I would've thanked them, but that would've made it obvious we weren't army guys. So I kept heading that way. Where to, I'll decide later.

The End

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