Ryan: I will live. It just a little more seriouse than a flesh wound.

We hit land.  Tactics , tactics, I had to outsmart them.  Okay Zombiehunter tactics straight on couple of flanking usaully there left hand side more people.  That would be our right

"okay we're  turning left.  Try not to make alot of noise stay low." I said quietly

" What about you couphing up blood?"  Paul asked 

" I'll be fine. Just need to deal with as soon as possible."  I said loading the shotgun.

" We kept ourselves near the bushline crouching. Up ahead the zombiehunter where advancing in a walk.  I got into a ready ambush position. As they passed by one step on my shotgun which put pressure on my trigger finger haing his leg blown off. And the fight began. I got up Nailing another two in the chest.  I then rolled out of the way of oncoming bullets.  I pumped it up and shot agian killing one other.

We killed the group.

" Come on lets steal there heli!" I yelled. 

It was a little behind the thinned out forest. It was basically a situation you run towards the bullets or you away from them to there helicopter.

The End

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