Ryan: Holeh crap the brought in the artilery.

Heavey duty berreta sniper rifle to chase down humans. Well okay I'll correct that two partial humans , and one human.   I felt bad for Paul having to swim in salty waters with his leg amputated off like that.  More bullets skimmed off the water. More snipers where arriving.  Matt fell behind. He was hit on the spinal cord.   I was about to turn around to save him. But his wounds rapidly healed he was begining to swim agian.  The rapid rejuvanination would would make him nearly invinceable. Quite a valueable asset still I think there was more to that than rapid rejuvanation.

The shore was getting closer. " come on! We are going to make it."  I yelled for encouragment.  Bullets  still skiinming off the water. Then I heard another Berreta shot. For second I was propelled forward by the shot. I was winded, My combat vest took the brunt of the impact but it rattled the shard of kantana in my lung. I Began to cough up large amounts blood.  "Ah crap!"  I yelled in my head keeping the pain in.

Breathing was getting harder.  I had to keep going. When we have time I'll ask one them to pull the shard out and put Biofoam in there.  I coughed up more blood. The shore was getting closer.  " Get ready they're probably waiting for us." I said. checking my shot gun.

The End

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