Matt: I've never surfed before

I follow Ryans instructions and begin to make a surfboard copying his actions. We finish quickly as the zombie hunters make their final approach. We dive out into the water. Bullets rain down around us. Water sprays up into my eyes as the bullets hit the waters surface. I hold my shotgun tigthtly as we hit the first wave. It folds ontop of me and I resurface coughing salt water. I climb back onto the makeshift board as machine gun fire almost carves tracks across my face.

I see Ryan and Paul ahead of me paddling frantically as the firs bullet pounds into my shoulder. I gasp as I feel the bullet pass all the way through spraying blood into the water. I ignore it and paddle slowly away.

Another bullet crashes into my back and my spine severes. I scream and slump forward paralyzed. My body has landed so I can see as the sniper pushes another bullet into his gun. I feel tears mixing with the sea water.

"No!" I manage to gasp. "I am not a coward." I growl the final words as the sniper fires.

The bullet shatters against my skin. I stare shocked as feeling returns to my body I look down at my shoulder, at the new skin. I smile as I remember the vanished zombie bite. But what about the shattered bullet?

The End

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