Paul: Man Down

"Are any of ya hurt?" I heard Ryan ask. I look over at Matt, he looked a bit bruised but other than that he looked fine. I tried to stand up... but for some reason I couldn't. I look down and the sight made me sick.

My leg was bent in the complete wrong direction. Ryan and Matt noticed this quickly too, so this is what Ryan meant by the combat supports hurting. Well... this is bad.

" Any chance you can set up another one?"

" I'm not sure I have one that strong but I'll see." While Ryan was doing this, Matt took lookout. The zombie hunters seemed to be a ways away, so we had plenty of time. I looked around where we were. It looks like the helicopter chased us onto a small island. While somewhat helpful, it's a pain that we have to walk all the way back, especially with the condition my leg was in.

"No good, it has to be amputated." I knew it.

"Okay, but then what? You don't exactly have an artificial leg with you do you?"

"No, but I have this." He took out a metal pole. Before I could ask he cut off my calf , ripped the foot off, stuck it on the pole, and shoved it back into my knee area. In any normal case the pain would knock me out, but because I already lost so much blood I didn't feel quite as much.

"They're coming up fast." Matt was staring at the fast approaching Military. Looks like we overestimated how much time we had. "What are we gonna do?" While I was still puzzled, Ryan was already tying trees and branches together.

"Ryan, we have like 5 minutes, 7 maximum. I don't think we have time to make a boat."

"I agree, that's why I'm not making a boat, I'm making a surfboard. And if you two want to live I suggest you get started too."

The End

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