Ryan: Zombie hunters

" Alright I just want to inform you that Zombies aren't our only concern.  Zombie hunter's will shoot us. Its what they are paid to do once an area is deemed extremely dangerouse. All human survivors are doomed  because they don't want to take the chance of spreading the virus. "  I said

Driving down the bloody road of zombies, guts , and barricades.

"I'm going to attempt to make it to the outpost that i've setup not to far from here so right now i suggest you get some rest." I continued on, " I will inform you of any danger. "    

It took about an hour to get out of the small city getting around barricades , and zombies made it difficult.  But once i reached the quarantine zone. The Canadian military and Zombiehunters engaged us in combat.  

"Guys! Where getting shot at!" I yelled as i manoeuvred the car dodging air to ground missles.  Bullets began to rip our vehicle into pieces.  alright then I floored the accelerator and sped towards the gates.

"Where not going to make it!" Matt , and Paul yelled. 

I wasn't sure if we where going to make either. But when i heard the reassuring smash throught gate my confidence returned.  A helicopter began to give chase.

" Dammit!" I yelled angrily the car engine took a beating in that head on charge. it was going to stall soon.  The helicopter with it superior fire power opened fire. The car was begining to slow. 

" Where ditching the car!" I ordered jumping out. the helicopter opened fire with the large gauntling guns. 

" Give me a break." I said through clenched teeth.  I took my just in case needed grenade out of my combat vest. This was our last chance. I pulled the pin. waited 3 seconds hurled it through the window. Took cover. Boom! As the enemy helicopter exploded into flames. 

" Are any of ya hurt?" I asked my new comrades.


The End

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