Matt: Outpost

I move in front of Ryan to his annoyance and grab one of the fallen shotguns. I searched the nearest body and pulled out a carton of shotgun ammunition. I search some more and end up with four cartons.

Ryan moves cautiously forward to show me how to reload it. He clicks the barrel into place and hands it back to me. I hold ot readily and we move forward. Ryan in front, me in the middle and Paul guarding our backs. Around the front we find a car. Ryan jogs forward and checks the car, it's already running. A body is slumped on the wheel. Ryan opens the door and the body falls out onto the drive. Paul moves forward and puts one bullet into the guys head. Ryan climbs into the driver seat.

"Shotgun!" Paul calls and jogs around the other side of the car grinning. I scowl and get into the backseat. Ryan revs the engine before speeding out of the town.

The End

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