Ryan: Leg it!

The flames stopped the zombies overunning us momentarily. 

"Alright.  the priest said the there was an exit he just needed the keys for the door. Well I think I could probaly break whatever sealing the door with with my brute strength." I yelled they followed me down the dark hall.  the hall opened into a room with a trapdoor in the topright. I kicked the trap door. It shattered. i motioned them to go fist.  I picked up a rock slab in the corner went down the trapdoor and left the rock slap to seal the entrance.

"ok this is slightly better."  I muttered to myself  then it came apprarent the was a another hall running below the one we were just in.

" Lets follow that." Paul said

" much agreed."  I replied

after about 15 minutes of walking we came upon stair that led to a plywood door. 

"let me check if the coast is clear." I said

I then proceedd toopen the door  the sun light blinding me we where in someones back yard actually to be presice a someones blood backyard. the grass was strained with blood  guns lay on the ground shell of bullets were every where.

" Its clear but be on alert it looks like there was a fight here recently."

The End

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