Matt: Exit

I look towards the door as the zombies continue to smash against the ancient wood. Paul reloads his handgun as does Ryan. I look hopelessly around for a weopen. Nothing in the bare room leaps out as a defnese against the rampaging zombies.

"Seriously wheres the preist?" Paul asks looking down the small corridor where the preist escaped. I was about to say we should follow him when rapid footsteps echoed from the darkness.

"Preist?" Ryan asks the darkness. I look deeper into the darkness when the zombie preist errupts and clashes into Ryan. The shotgun clatters from his hands as he falls wrestling with the zombie. Paul tries to take aim but the two are moving around too much for him to get a good shot and besides there were more rapid footsteps coming from the darkness. Paul turns and unleashes a volley of bullets into the oncoming horde.

I move towards the wrestling pair and pull the zombie off of Ryan. The zombie struggles violently as Ryan climbs to his feet and rapidly punches it in the gut until the internal bleeding becomes to much.

I throw the body in the corner as Ryan grabs his shotgun and moves to help Paul. I move towards some cabinets set in the corner of the room. Inside there is nothing helpfull. It looks like the preist was a drinker. I smile a plan forming in my mind. I grab three of the bottles and rush to Ryans first aid kit that still lay open on the floor. I grab the alcoholic sterilizer and tear some fabric from my trousers. I soak them in the sterilizer and shove them in the neck of the vodka bottles.

"Ryan you gotta lighter?" I ask.

"No...why?" he asks as three zombies fall under the small metal pellets.

"I do." Paul says reaching into his pocket with one hand in the other his handgun firing rapidly. He tosses me the lighter and I set the rags alight.

"Move!" I shout and the two seperate. I throw the first bottle and it smashes across the leading zombie. It's engulfed in flames and falls lighting others on fire.

The End

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