Ryan: Preist is that the only exit?

I  never thought I would meet another person like me. There where only 15 cases in the world including me who didn't turn.  He may have rapid regeneration ,but that didn't seem to be the whole story. 

The zombiess where pounding on the door.

"Preist is there another exit outta here?" I asked 

" Yes theres another , and I must say quite appropriate for this situation. stay here while I get the keys." He said calmly 

I took out my my first aid kit.

" By the way I didn't catch your name." i asked the kid with the bite

" Matt Light." he replied

"Paul take the painkillers. While i set up the combat support for your leg." I said 

Combat supports were external cybornetic  clothing . Also known as E.C.C's. It was made of small mechanical tissue supporting and moving the leg some people actually wore them to inhance physical capabilities.  It was breakthrough in technologie made in japan. Unfortunetly Japan is infested and we do not know how to make them. So there isn't an abundant  supply in the world.

I finished programing it and let Paul put it on.

"Wow this feels great." He said

" Yeah, don't to wild though. Combat supports are good if someones hurt and you want to speed up the pace up. Otherwise they hurt you more than help ya."  I warned 

" Matt do you happen to have a weapon on you?" I asked

" No" Matt replied

Crap I thought. I wish my heli was in tact because some weapons that may have made the Crash. But the zombies were between me and the crash site." 

"Well this machine gun has no ammo. Which it makes it useless to you, and my broken katana which would be semi useful." I said as i laid  down the weapons on the floor. 

" where that priest go?" asked Paul, " He's been gone a long time now."   As the pounding on the door became more extreme.

The End

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