Matt Light: Strangers

My eylids peeled apart as I groaned. The lights in the room emmitted from several small candles. A preist sat across from me. His legs crossed staring thoughfully.

"I thought you would turn." He said smiling.

"You and me both." I answered gently probing the area around my shoulder where the zombie had bitten me. I couldn't feel anything.

"It's not infected. I checked and your blood doesn't seem to hold any part of the Virus." He said.

"So I was bitten by a infertile zombie?" I joked, laughing gently.

"You could say that." He smiled. "Why did you come here?" The preist asked his features suddenly serious. I thought for a second.

"I was looking for a second chance." The thought of my earlier promise to hunt the zombies made me smile slightly.

"Well..." the doors crashed open. Two guys thundered in. One held a shotgun in his hands the other a bow strapped to his back but a pistol held expertly in his hands.

"The door!" one of them gasped as zombie baraged the door, but the other sighed and squeezed the door closed with one hand. The first boy laughed at the seconds strength, as the second raised a long wooden plank and placed it across the old fashioned door.

I sat with the preist shocked and confused. The first boy slumps next to us.

"Paul." He holds out his hand and I take it firnly still no pain from my shoulder.

"Ryan." The other nods from a distance, I can see his eyes staring at the bandages on my shoulder. "What happened?" he asked.

"I was...bitten." I reply recalling the intence pain. Ryan reacts like a cat his shotgun pointed directly at my head and Paul on his feet and backing away from me. Ryan edges towards me.

"Let me see the bite." he says. I hesitate my eyes fixed on the shotgun. He lowers it but keeps it ready. I reach up and tug at the bandages. They unravell and I let them fall to the ground.

"It's a miracle." The preist exclaims. Ryan smiles slightly and lets his warrior stance fall. Paul moves back to sit down.

"I thought you said you were bitten?" Paul smiles. I stare down at the untouched flesh of my shoulder.

"I thought I was." I reply astounded poking at my shoulder.

"He was I patched him up myself." The preist replied.

"Then how is this possible?" I ask the room.

"It's possible that you were bitten but instead of getting infected you survive and mayube developt an abnormal ability." Ryan says.

"That happens?" I ask.

"How do you think I closed that door on my own? I was bitten and survived, and before we all start telling our life stories I think we should get out of here before the zombies completely surround us."

The End

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