Ryan: Cathedral?

The guy caught the pistol. Good , My last clip for my machine gun just ran out.  "Shotgun time."  I said happily   I switched guns and boom three zombies one shot.  I hear the doors open on to the helipad building. He was limping.

"Hey my names Paul Cino." Paul said

" Nice meeting ya paul. my Name is Ryan Harm. Your leg I can at least can give you painkillers and combat support. Later though "  As i blasted zombie brains across the street. 

"lets get the hell off this block. Nice little zombie infestation you've going on here eh?" i asked 

"yeah." Paul muttered. Shooting a  zombie in the head. 

"nice shot." I commented

If we could pickup the pace we wouldn't have to use so much ammo fightin off Zombies. I had lots of shotgun shells but i was worried about Paul the pistol only had five clips each holding 11 bullets. eventually he'll run out. but his accuracy was something most the people in the Zombie killing business could only dream of. Maybe it will last.

" Hey whats you opinion anyone in the cathedral? I asked

"Its looks zombie free. Paul remarked

"Aye. Do you know how many people where there time of the infestation?"  i asked

" No idea."  he replied

churches were unpredicatable sometimes a human outpost , sometimes a zombie infested hell hole.  I gambled for human outpost.

The End

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