Paul: My bright idea

I searched the entire campus and was unable to find anyone, well, anyone alive anyway. Eventually, I realized it was hopeless and gave up. Suddenly a thought occured. There's a helipad at this university! I could go there and shoot arrows into the sky to alert survivors (if there are any) of my whereabouts! Just one problem.

Arrows are small, and therefore not many people would see them. So I thought that if I made them look like flares maybe they'd stand out. For this I would need fire. Luckily for me I just happened to have my zippo in my pocket (I'm not and arsonist and I don't smoke, I just happen to own a zippo). So I ran towards the building, hitting the zombies with the baseball bat and stepping on their corpses on the way there. I went inside the building and tried the elevator.

I know what you're thinking, the elevator wasn't working because the zombies cut the power, well actually, you're wrong, it was working. The elevator opened up, and I walked in. Halfway up the elevator stopped. Curious, I open the door at the top and three giant zombies jumped into the elevator. Too surprised to grab my baseball bat, I panicked and tried punching. Needless to say, that didn't work very well, and I was thrown to the wall. Just as I was about to pick myself up, the elevator began to go down, fast. Quickly, I got back on the floor and covered my head, while the zombies still came after me. Bad move.

The elevator hit the bottom level again, I was a bit sore but other than that fine.  All three zombie's heads hit the roof and their brains were destroyed. I broke the elevator door open and ran up the stairs and to the helipad. I lit an arrow on fire, and was about to shoot it in the air, but then I noticed something. Along the side of the building, the zombies were piling on top of each other and climbing up. So I turned my arrow to the ground and shot. It missed. I reloaded and shot again, and again, and again. As I finally got to hitting them, I started having fun, and started laughing as I shot. I could do this forever. But then I saw something.

A pistol was thrown up to the top of the building and I caught it, I looked down and saw a person. More importantly, a living person. As fast as I could, I grabbed the pistol and ran down the stairs. Finally someone to help me fight, I got excited. So excited I accidentally tripped on the last flight of stairs and hurt my leg even more than it was from the elevator. So whenI finally got out to the other person, I was limping. This is not good.

The End

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