Ryan: Youngston

By the time I got to the grocery store the survivors where zombie food.  And the Zombies where after me next.  No problem  I aim the the machine gun and fired the secondary function trigger being a grenade luancher it blew the horde of zombies to pieces. I looked through the bloodied grocerie only to be greeted by a few zombies which that  I disposed of quickly. Next stop pawn shop.  bad idead; the street was completly overun with zombies i didn't have nearly enough ammo for them.  i started running but the exit was closed off by another horde of zombies. Crap I tried jumping up on of the skyscrapers ledges. It was out of reach. " well i guess it time for your zombies to meet my good freind here Joey." I yelled at them . it was stupid that i named my gun let alone talked to zombies. 

I opened fire,and zombies where lighting up the street like a christmas tree. You see i modified the gun to have a small amount of fuel on the bullet so it caught the zombie on fire.   few minutes later i was on my last clip of ammo for the machine gun when.  i saw flaming arrows coming out of the sjy and blowing the hordes of zombies. I look up to see a guy sitting on the ledge of the skyscraper happily firing arrows down on the zombies. 

" hey buddie instead of using that primitive thing take my pistol here!"  I said throwing him my pistol.

The End

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