Matt Light: Bitten

I kneel before the alter, the bodies of people I grew up with strewn around me. I squeeze my eyes shut in a silent prare and listen as the thudding reaches the door to the chapel. I apologize for my sins as the thudding enters the chapel and for the lost chances to help others that I ignored.

"...but I promise that if you let me live, I will save others. I will hunt the montsers that did this and I will..." I trail off the un-godly thoughts tearing through my mind.

The thudding is behind me now. Close.

"I just need a second chance to help others. I will use my extended time on earth to rescue and protect others like me. Who are stuck. With no help." The thudding stops.

"Amen." I whisper as the zombie tackles me to the ground. I roll over and thrash violently in an attempt to escape but the zombie is faster and its teeth sink deep into my shoulder. Tearing throught the material of my shirt and slurping the blood that oozes from the gaping hole on my torso. The lights dim and I begin to lose conciousness but before the lights fade something slams into the zombie on my back and the pressure fades as I drift away.

The End

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