Ryan: They shot me down!

The flight was fast but when I got there the  canadian military didn't accept my clearance and shot me. Not too surprising but I thought i still had the licence to assist infected areas. apparently not; well the ani-aircraft missile hit my helicopter with deadly precision. the helicopter bursted into flames. luckily for me I can take the damage. becuase after being bitten i was given superhuman strengh allowing me to be ressiliant to such damage. I hit the ground  hard on my back breaking my katana. "damm it!" I yelled as a shard of the katana buries it self in to my right lung.  Great i haven't even seen a zombie and i'm cracking open the first aid kit.

I disinfected the wound and then I sprayed some bio foam to keep the lung working. Then I jabbed myself with some adrenaline. I wish i could have taken the shard out but where it had entered had made impossible for me to pull it out. putting my shirt and my combat vest back on and head towards the grocery store where I hear some gun shots.   

The End

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