Paul: Weapon Scurry

You wouldn't have guessed that running through a field of zombies was probably a bad idea, but it was. You also might not think that a screwdriver would do any good, surprisingly, it did. Every five steps I took was another ugly undead creature, and with every single one i jammed my screwdriver in one of the eyes, turned it on, and kept it there until the zombie was silent.

Of course I knew I couldn't do this forever, batteries don't do so well with being used constantly for a half an hour after all. I needed to pick a place and get a better weapon... I then wondered why I left mechanics in the first place, where I could've used a car. But it's too late now, I'm way too far from that building now. I was now in front of three other buildings. Sports, woodshop/ chemistry, and the theatre. I wish I could go to woodshop and get an ax or something, but that was underground, and as far as I knew, chemistry is where the zombies came from in the first place. So I ran to sports.

I swear I'm so lucky that I only found three zombies my entire time inside the building, it made this so much easier. I saw equipment for hockey, football, tennis and dodgeball, but there were only two sports I knew for sure could help me. Baseball, and archery. I put the screwdriver in my jacket pocket, straped the bow and arrows to my back and waist, and grabbed the biggest bat I could find, which I was now using as my weapon.

This is a bad day for Youngston university, but now that I'm all set, I figure it's about time to get help.

The End

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