Ryan: The plane

I reached the crash. there wasn't much fuel on the ground or much fire. I guessed that the plane didn't get a chance to fuel up before it left.  I cut a hole into the fuselage to find the first victims of the crash.  I pull then out and continue on to the cockpit.  I look on the floor a man puts his arm in the air and  weakly says "zombie." i check his pulse it had stopped. I  took out my pistol out and shot him in the head. I had no choice this plane had been infected and if you die i shoot you.  

The cock pit was a mess its looked the pilots were fighting zombies looking at all the dead bodies here.  

after a day of searching the plane i found no living human survivor if there were any they had gotten out of the plane and ran.  I got back to my out post and turned on the radio. 

" The Town of Youngston has had an out break. It first started in a university campus. officails are quarauntining the area zombie hunters are being deployed."  said the voice on the radio

I quickly turned the radio off. youngston  was only 25 kilometers off. I know the last thing the people of youngston needed was an ex zombie hunter landing his helicopter  and running saving people but i knew that the zombiehunters would shoot every one. I geared up started my helicopter.  this time i will run into a survivor.

The End

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