Ryan Harm: Ex zombie hunter

You can only be a zombie hunter if you have experience with a gun and ,you have not been bitten.  well I survived a bite they proved I gianed immunity and will not become a zombie. only a 15 percent chance i will become a zombie pretty slim right? but you can't be bitten so i expelled from the ranks. worst part is the zombie finally infected got past our defenses and canada is going to fall. At the moment i'm at an abadonned military post  making it worthy of human outpost no ones come yet.  but they will in time.

This morning I wake up to hear  grinding of metal , and small explosions and flames.  i get up. undo the deadbolts and turn the wheel to open my door. I go up some stair to the top of a radar tower. On my left  I see a ruined air plane. time to find survivors.

The End

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