Farm HouseMature

The drive to Wales was going to be a long one. It didn’t help that the motorways were littered with broken down and burnt out cars, causing me to slow down. I also had to make sure to avoid the roads that took me through any highly populated areas in the hope that I didn’t catch to much attention from the dead things. My mind wandered back to the last road trip with Luca and the others. I sighed; I couldn’t get caught up on all that, not while I was trying to get away. I wondered what Luca was doing now, probably screwing around with some other chick. I slammed my hands down on the wheel, enough, no more thinking about that, it was time to look towards the future, or lack thereof. I gently placed my palm against my stomach. I had someone else to look after now.

The signs began showing the way to Newtown but I was still a little way off, and I was hungry. I pulled into the first petrol station I found and picked up the axe from the back seat. I quietly snuck into the shop heading for the food sections, most of it had gone off causing the area to stink of rotting food. Eventually i found an area with chocolates and sweets that seemed to never go off and began filling my bag. I then managed to find the drinks section and made sure to shove a coupe of bottles of water and juice in alongside the sweets before turning back to the door.

I threw my bags into the back of the car and looked out at the parking area. That’s when I spotted it. A kid just stood at the edge of the car park. It couldn’t be, is she alive? I drew out my knife and gripped it tightly, standing with my back to the car. “Hello? Are... Are you ok?” the person started walking towards me and I noticed it wasn’t a kid. She seemed about my age but she was skinny and small with short hair.

“You’re alive?” her voice was quiet and soft. I nodded. Her face lit up as she grinned, “he guys, she’s alive,” she yelled back into he undergrowth at the edge of the car park. I looked up and noticed another girl and a guy clambering out of it. “My name’s topaz,” she pointed at he guy, “that’s Leon an’ that’s Cindy,” she then pointed at the other girl.

“S-Sophia,” I stammered, surprised. Maybe there was hope; maybe they had set up a safe house. “How many are you?” I hesitated slightly; did I really want to know?

She grinned and glanced at the others “you got a bit extra room in that truck?” I nodded, smiling back, I liked her.

We all clambered back into the car, Topaz got in with me in the front and Cindy and Leon in the back. “Where am I heading?” I asked as I fired up the engine.

“Carry on down this road a bit and you’ll see a dirt track, turn off there and take it all the way down to the end.” She gestured down the road and pulled off.

“Where have you come from then?” Topaz asked, as I pulled out of the parking area and on to he deserted road. I could sense Leon and Cindy listening in to judge me.

“Down south, Hampshire area,” I didn’t really want to go into it much; I certainly didn’t want to explain why I’d left. “What about you? You certainly don’t sound like a welsh lass,” I half smiled.

“Cornwall originally, but there was a rumour of a safe house in Wales, so here we are,” She explained.  I was surprised; the rumour had gotten all the way to Cornwall?

“I heard the same thing,” I agreed. I glanced in the rear-view mirror, “what about you guys? Where are you from?”

“America,” Leon grumbled

“Wales,” Cindy said with a strong Cardiff accent. I nodded

I eventually spotted the turning and we were heading down a slightly bumpy road as the sun began to set. “Will it be ok? Bringing me back I mean?” I began to get worried, remembering what it was like to walk into the gang back in town. Topaz grinned, “as long as you can work you’ll be welcome,” I smiled back. She seemed like the kind of person who could be cheerful no matter what and her grin was infectious.

We pulled round the bend and a huge farm house and barn came into view lit up with flood light. “Nice,” I exclaimed as a small group of people came running over.

“Hey, back safe,” Topaz yelled out of the window.

“Hey, nice on,” a tall well built guy came up to the window as I pulled through the gate. He spotted me at the wheel “Who’s this?” he nodded towards me.

“Sophia,” I responded calmly, trying not to show how I was really feeling. I mean the last time I’d walked into another camp I’d been attacked so I wasn’t entirely sure how I felt about strolling into another.

“Nice, we best get you to see the boss man then,” he had a nice smile as he stepped back to let us roll into a space in the field that seemed to be acting as some sort of car park.

I got out and grabbed my backpack slinging it over one shoulder and shutting the door behind me, not bothering to lock it. I followed Topaz and this other guy up into the house passing a few other people on the way. I wasn’t entirely sure what to make of the setup, but it was the best I had now.

The End

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