Sophia: Newtown, WalesMature

I'd watched as Laz got eaten alive in front of the bushes across the front garden. I clutched my hand to my mouth, unable to tare my eyes from the horror in front of me. His blood soaked the ground around him, turning the grass a deep crimson colour. Shit.

Joe and a couple of others jumped out of the bushes next to him and sprinted around to the back of the house. I didn't recognise the others, and I couldn't see Luca I presumed he'd joined this new camp.... They were all safe... They didn't need me, I was just a liability now.

I carefully got up, making sure not to draw the attention of the walkers that were happily munching on what was left of Laz. I ran back up the street in the direction that I had just come.

After a while I came across a car that looked less beat up than the rest and tested opening the door. It came open easily and I climbed in closing the door carefully behind me and dumping my bad on the seat beside me. I looked alright and, looking in the back, there appeared to be a few things I could use as weapons, such as an axe and a crow bar, and a few things I could use to make things, such as wires and paneling.

It didn't take long to work out how to hotwire it and the car roared into life. Score. I revved it a couple of times before pulling away. I knew where I was heading, there was always a rumor going around college that someone had set up a safe house and I was going to find out how it had gone.

I eventually pulled off onto the motorway. The rumors had suggested that the house was up north, Newtown in Wales to be precise. So up north I was going, on the M5 it would take about 4 hours. I quickly stopped off at the edge of town. I got out and pulled one of the big board’s out of the boot. 'GONE TO A SAFE HOUSE. NEWTOWN, WALES. I'LL BE SAFE. DON'T FOLLOW.' I wrote across the board with an old black pen that I found in the glove box. I tied it to a sign before climbing back in the car and leaving.

The End

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