Robby: BrutalityMature

They hid in the bushes for what felt like forever, holding their breaths and trying to figure out their next move. Robby crouched low and her knees were beginning to cramp. How much longer could they stay like this?

The things at the house were getting much more animated and were pounding their arms against the entrance. Inside were three people, trapped and probably as scared as Robby was feeling.

They thought that they were hidden well, but a loud noise coming towards them made them all jump. It was a tall blonde guy who was clutching his side. Shit, he'd been bitten. Robby grabbed tighter at her knife and unsheathed it, trying to muster up the courage to actually use it if necessary. The guy was shouting Joe's name though.

'Joe!' He panted, running towards them. He was going to draw the walkers to them all if he didn't quieten down. 'Arianne’s trapped in the basement, and I don’t know where Sophia’s gone. She disappeared earlier on.'

'Jesus Christ,' Joe hissed under his breath. 'He's gonna get us all killed.'

The blonde guy was nearly here, his eyes were wide and his mouth was open as he was going to say something else but a stray walker toppled him from the side. He sunk his teeth deep into the guy's neck and he cried out in pain. The walkers at the house sensed the commotion and shuffled over to join the feeding frenzy.

Robby's stomach lurched and ice ran through her veins. He was being eaten alive!
'Joe!' The guy's voice was gargled and distorted as he began to choke on his blood. His cries were soon silenced as he drew his last breath. At least it hadn't been a slow death.

'This way,' Joe whispered to Earl and Robby and they followed him deeper into the forest. 'We're going to take a detour.'

The End

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