Lazarus: bittenMature

I locked the door to the basement and pulled the kitchen table in front of it, barricading it shut. Walkers were too stupid to move a table or think that it might be keeping them from something.

Only I was on the opposite side of it to Arianne.

I had to find a way to get help. They wouldn’t just leave on their own now, and we needed help. I could sneak out and find Cancer or Sophia, maybe, and then we could drive the walkers away and get Arianne out of there. It was worth a shot. She was safe in there no matter what happened.

I cracked open the front door, had a quick look before making a run for it. Shutting the door had made a little noise, but I hadn’t expected it to attract so much attention. I got maybe five feet before they noticed. I kept going, I had to.  

There was this sharp pain in my side. I punched whatever it was that had attached itself to me, but the damage was done. I panicked, running faster. How could this have happened to me? I was safer on my own on the edge of the motorway. Shit.

I pushed on, through them; I had to find someone, I couldn’t let her stay trapped in there forever.

“Joe!” I shouted before I even realized I’d seen him. I didn’t recognize the people with him, but it was Joe. He’d help her, right. “Arianne’s trapped in the basement,” I rushed the words out as I reached him, “and I don’t know where Sophia’s gone. She disappeared earlier on.”

The End

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