Sophia/Arianne - Coming Back TrappedMature


I woke with a start. A new nightmare shooting adrenaline through me. I shivered slightly feeling a slight breeze run over me. Wait, a breeze? I was suddenly fully awake and looking around. I bedroom door was open and I could hear groaning from the hall. Shit, was nowhere safe anymore? I picked up my silenced gun and my knife before getting up and silently creeping over to the door. I peered round the corner to see a couple of walkers shuffling around at the end of the hall. I could have sworn I checked the house, and barricaded everything last night. I shook it off sneaking up closer to the first walker as it faced the other door. I quickly shot it in the back of the head with the silenced gun watching the other one as it crumpled to the floor. The second one looked like it was trying to get through the door but all it managed was bumping against it a few times. I quickly dispatched it before stumbling back to the bathroom to throw up.

I knew it wasn’t the walkers that made me sick. I’d seen and killed more than enough of them. My hand went to my abdomen. The little life that was now growing inside it. What the hell was I doing? How did I really expect to manage on my own? I needed help. When I felt I wasn’t going to throw up any more I went back into the room I’d camped out in and began throwing everything back into the bag. After all, I had promised Arianne I’d come back.



I felt lost and alone. The only person I’d seen in months had left and yet again I was alone. Well not completely alone, I had the blond guy. I looked up at him I had no idea what to do. He put on a brave face for me and moved to begin barricading the doors, making sure we felt safe. But I didn’t feel safe I felt lost and alone.

Once we’d made sure the place was secure we moved into the Living room, I found an old book that I used to have at home an old Jacqueline Wilson book about a girl with a mum covered in tattoos. I settled down to read it, an attempt to get lost in another world, a world without monsters. I don’t know how long it was before I drifted off to sleep.

A bang at the window jolted me awake and the mass of groans outside alerted me to what was going on. Fear engulfed me and all I could do was cry, I felt the blond guy hug me and I buried my face into his chest. More banging startled me and I screamed, I quickly stopped when I realised what I’d done but it was too late. They’d heard.



I crept out of the house, I didn’t know what time it was other than it was late, but if I left it any longer I wouldn’t go back.

It wasn’t long before I encountered a gang of walkers shuffling down the road, four, maybe five of them stumbling along. Not for much longer. I lifted the gun and shot them all, my aim was getting better, I got them all clean through the head.

I continued on, not really thinking about anything in particular, I let my instincts guide me. I almost walked straight into the gang of walkers that had crowded outside the house. I quickly ducked down behind a bush, shaking my head to clear the fog that had gathered round my thoughts. Shit. SHITSHITSHIT. Why did I have to leave? Why did Luca leave? Why did Joe fucking leave? My mind raced, Images of Arianne and Lazarus trapped inside. What the fuck could I do?  

The End

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