Sophia: Running awayMature

I watched as Luca stormed out the door. Anger flooded through me and I ran upstairs, flinging open the hatch to the bedroom before I almost ran over to the bed and pulled out my backpack stuffing it full of clothes and things that I might need.

"Where are you going?" I heard Blondie, I think Luca called him Lazarus, say from the hatch.

"Away, anywhere from here," I shouted back, "I might come back in a few days, I don't know,"

"How the hell do you intend to survive?" I knew what he really meant, how do I intend to survive pregnant?

"I'll manage," I said, more to convince myself than him. I slung the bag onto my shoulder and barged past him down the ladder.

"Are you leaving us?" A small voice came from the doorway of one of the rooms. I turned to face it and saw the small figure of Arianne staring up at me.

I knelt down so I was level with her, "I'm only going away for a little while," I sighed, just seeing her standing there looking so small almost made me change my mind about leaving. Almost.

I hitched up my back pack and gave Arianne a quick hug before turning back to Blon- Lazarus. "Look after her," I said calmly. To be honest I don’t think I’d manage If Arianne got hurt.

I turned to the door and walked out before anything else stopped me.

                                                                *                             *                             *

I walked for about an hour, killing any stray walkers that I happened to walk by but otherwise finding the place deserted. I’d decided to stick by the road, using the abandoned cars and other debris as cover and hiding places.

It was about midday when I decided to finally take a break. I backed into and ally and sat down, resting my head back against the wall. What was I doing? This was completely pointless. I delved into my bag, pulling out a packet of smarties that I’d been over the moon that Joe was able to find. I ripped open the top and poured a handful into my mouth, revelling in mix of chocolate and E-numbers that I’d missed so much when the apocalypse had begun. The rush of sugar and endorphins made me feel slightly better about everything and I pulled myself back up again carrying on down the road. I had no real idea of where I was going or how far I’d gone.

Eventually the sun began setting and I knew it would be way to dangerous to stay out any longer. I slipped out my gun and silencer, swivelling my eyes around me to make sure nothing could creep up on me, I screwed the silencer onto the gun and set it up, ready to shoot.

I finally found an open house and slipped inside, I kicked the door closed, barricading it before I crept round the house, making sure all the rooms were clear.

Once I’d made sure I was safe I shut myself in the bedroom, barricading the door and setting myself up a little camp in the back corner of the room so I could keep an eye on everything. It was only then I allowed myself to look back on the argument. And the fact that I’d run away again....

The End

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