Sophia: PositiveMature

I hardly noticed when the door slammed, I was so lost in my own thoughts and emotions the only thing I saw was the slowly cooling cup of coffee in my hands. It wasn't until Luca slumped down the the chair opposite me that I even registered that he'd come back.

"What happened?" The look on his face just spelled trouble.

"There weren't any there," I watched, fear running through me, as he slid a pregnancy test across the table towards me. I just sat and stared at the box sat in front of me.

"Sorry," I could tell he had no clue what to do.

The only response I could give him was a slight nod as I slipped the test and the instructions out of the box sat before me. I scanned the instructions, not really taking much in before wandering off to the downstairs loo.

I heard the floor creak as Luca came and stood outside to wait. I vaguely recalled the instructions saying the test could take up to 30 minutes and I sat in the bathroom staring at it. What the hell was I going to do if it was positive?

About 30 minutes later the little screen on the front began to change. A small pink plus. My heart shattered. Shit.

I slipped out the door, I didn't really want to give him the result but there wasn't much choice seeing as I wouldn't be able to hide it after a while. I handed it to him and slid down the wall as he just stared at it. I wrapped my arms round my tummy as if to protect whatever it was that would be growing inside me.

I jumped slightly as Luca threw the test at the wall. I hadn't known what to expect of him but I should have guessed that violence would be his top idea for this.

I ran a shaking hand through my hair, pushing it out of my face. I desperately needed him to just crouch down and tell me everything would be ok but I was in shock and my voice wouldn't respond.

Luca was tensed up and I got the feeling that all he really wanted to do was hit things. He looked down at me as I looked up and I felt myself open up to him, fear, love and a strong sense of longing washed over me.

"What do we do now?" Anger laced his words. Not necessarily directed at me but it was still slightly scary. "what the fuck do we do now?"

  "Luca, please, don't," one of us was going to have to be the rational one "just try and calm down please," I grabbed his arms and held him against me, trying to keep him from getting violent with anything.

He let me pull him towards me but he was still tense as if coiled up like a spring.

"Relax, we'll deal with it," I murmured, I had no idea how though. How were we supposed to cope if I was to have a baby? We could barely get by ourselves let alone having to look after a baby.

I could see he was fighting to relax, "how?"

I tried to think of an answer, anything, but I couldn't think of anything. "I'm not sure, but we will,"

"I'm sorry," he said quietly.

"Why?" I looked up at him, confused. This was just as much my fault as his. "It wasn't your fault,"

I could see an argument working up in his mind but he decided against it. I hugged him, giving him as much support as I could, "we'll find a way," I nuzzled into his neck in an attempt to hide my own uncertainty "come on, lets go get some food for the others,"

He hugged me back and nodded. I gently pulled back and headed into the kitchen, looking through what we had to work out what to try an make.

I heard Luca potter around the house. The door opened and closed before he came back into the kitchen, a confuse look across his face, "where's Joe?"

The End

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