Sophia: UnprotectedMature

It didn’t take long for the weed to start taking effect I felt myself relax and the pain in my stomach subsided. I gently rested my head on Luca’s shoulder inhaling deeply. “damn that feels better,” I said blowing the smoke back out.

Luca hummed gently “sure does, I think we both needed that,” He’d visibly relaxed too taking slightly more time over his joint.

I offered Luca the bottle of JD after taking another swig myself feeling the mixture of weed and alcohol rush through me chilling me out, I watched him drink a bit and felt myself warm up inside, he was gorgeous and we were in bed together, drinking and smoking. I took another drag happy to sit in a comfortable silence for a while.

I felt Luca shift slightly as he leaned towards me. I felt his warm lips press against my cheek. I turned towards him as he pulled back. Part of me couldn’t believe what was going on but the majority of me was stoned and drunk and therefore pushed ahead regardless. I leaned back in and kissed him gently on the lips feeling him respond easily.

I pulled back to take another long drag on my joint, silencing any possible doubts, before turning to put in on an ashtray on the bedside table. I turned back to Luca, feeling a little light headed.

“I want you,” he murmured gently, pushing against me slightly his voice rough from a mixture of the weed and his intense want for me.

I moved to sit on his lap, facing him and leaned in to bite his neck, feeling the effect it had on him underneath me. “I’m yours,” I whispered against his neck. He wrapped his arms around me and rolled us over so he was on top all but tareing the last of my clothes off me.




I woke up, my head felt like it was full of cotton wool and it took me a minute or two to remember where I was. I felt something hot against my back and I rolled over to see Luca, naked and asleep next to me. I was used to his naked form by now but it confused me slightly as to why he was naked laying next to me.  I shook my head in a futile attempt at clearing it before slipping out of the bed and stretching, feeling that my muscles had tensed up. I gasped as pain shot through my thighs and across my back.

Luca rolled over on the bed, quickly waking up as he realised I’d gone. I hardly glanced at him as I felt myself shaking gently from the searing pain. I walked over to a mirror and turned to have a look at my back,  surprised to see a mess of deep scratches littering it. I noticed Luca look over at me, still appearing half asleep with a mess of bed hair. “what the fuck happened last night?” I felt myself wince slightly as I brushed my fingers across the top of some of them gently, my fingers coming away sticky with blood.

“We had sex,” Luca replied bluntly.

My heart kicked up a beat as I remembered the events of last night. I ran through the hazy memories hoping to find the one memory which would stop my heart from its sudden racing beat. I ran over to the bed, hoping not to confirm my suspicions, I searched around it throwing clothes and covers out of the way. I barely registered Luca’s frown at me as I frantically searched the entire room. I sat down on the edge of the bed “shit shit SHIT,” I shouted.

“what?” Luca said, worry lining his voice.

“please tell me you were sober enough to use protection?” I looked over at him, hoping he would laugh and say yes.

He hesitated, thinking about it “I don’t think I was,”

My stomach dropped and I ran a shaking had through my hair “shitting hell,”

“It’ll be fine. We’ll find a drug store and get you the morning after pill, ‘kay?”

I nodded, feeling myself relax a tiny amount but was still rather scared, I knew that there was the possibility of it not working. Luca came over and kissed me a gesture which I returned all to willingly until I felt a few trickles of blood run down my back.

“I’ll get something for those scratches, too,” He smirked.

I grinned back remembering the events of last night.

The End

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