Sophia: are you alright?Mature

Eventually Luca pulled the car up into the drive of an abandoned house, not that they weren’t all abandoned anyway. Arianne had fallen asleep almost as soon as I’d finished cleaning her up and fixing her wounds and I watched as the blond guy lifted her out of the car and took her up to the door that Luca was trying to now get open. I slid out of the car and began grabbing bags, with Joes help, and taking them up to the house.

I began to struggle up with my third load of bags to find Luca still hadn’t managed to get the door open, “have you tried looking for a spare key,” I called up to them, dumping said bags onto the grass feeling my arms ache slightly and a pain in my stomach that had lingered since what had happened with Scott.

I watched as Luca still attacked the door with a crowbar making it squeal and grind “no,” he huffed. I rolled my eyes at him, typical man. “surely that would make more sense seeing as we want a working door?”

He stopped prying the door and turned to me, “It’s gonna be boarded up when we get inside anyway,” he sighed.

“It’s still worth a try,” I pushed past them and began rooting through the wilted and dying flower pots, finally coming across a muddy key. I turned back to the door, not feeling particularly hopeful, and slotted the key into the lock, I turned it cautiously and felt it click. The door swung open easily in front of me as if we were meant to live there. I turned back to Luca and grinned triumphantly watching as his face fell into a mixture of disbelief and annoyance. I quickly kissed him and began lugging bags inside, dumping them in the front room with Luca and Joe. The blond guy... I needed to find out his name, went and found a room for Arianne.

Once everything was inside I found myself wandering round the house looking through all the rooms. It was a typical modern-ish house with a large front room and kitchen in the main floor, two big rooms and a bathroom on the second floor and an attic. The attic however had been expertly converted into a huge master bedroom come studio. I climbed up the ladder into it and gazed round at it seeing a double bed, an old wardrobe and a chest of draws as well as an easel and some old paints and a huge desk.

I ran back downstairs and gabbed both my own and Luca’s bags before heading back upstairs to unpack. Glancing into the kitchen I noticed Luca boarding up the windows and doors, only leaving the front door as our only entrance and exit. I ran upstairs checking on Arianne and seeing that the blond guy was looking after her before dumping the bags in the attic room.

I went back downstairs to find Luca and Joe finishing up the boarding and checking to make sure everything was secure “I’ve got us a nice room if you want to check it out when you’re done,” I smiled slightly but still wouldn’t allow myself to show my feelings fully.

Luca smiled back “Sure.” He replied “This won’t take too long,” I could feel Joe watching me, as if he knew that there was still something wrong with me. I didn’t allow myself to look at Joe, Instead i just nodded at Luca and took myself back upstairs to unpack our small amount of supplies. Looking trough the draws and cupboards when I was finished I found some more clothes, both men and women’s. I heard the creak of the hatch and I spun round to see Luca pulling himself up through it.

I quickly went back to looking around the room “how cool is this?” I called over to him.

“nice,” He smiled, sitting down on the edge of the bed, watching me.

I smiled back over him, wrapping my arms around my middle as if to try and hide the growing pain in my stomach.

“how are you feeling?” he sounded slightly awkward as if he’d been planning what to say for a while.

I shrugged, unsure of what to say and not wanting to scare him or worry him, “alright,” I muttered, avoiding his gaze. Even I could hear the blatant lie  though.

The End

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