Luca: MapMature

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bad with kids. It’s just different now. I can’t look after a kid as well as Sophia and Joe and myself. The blonde guy joining our group was bad enough but at least he can look after himself if he’s managed on his own this long. The kid probably just got lost or something.

Blondie tried to tell me not to find a new town, and hide out in the middle of nowhere instead. When I asked him how I was supposed to feed five people on what I could hunt down in the woods alone, he shut up. I’m not a fucking caveman, I don’t know how to hunt. I know how to make some drugs and sell them. That’s what I know.

Sophia seemed to be enjoying the distraction from what was on her mind, though, so I tried to keep my complaints to a minimum. She was in mothering mode, looking after this little kid in the back with Blondie.

Joe had salvaged a map on our trip to the mall, and pulled it out, trying to figure out where it was we actually were from the signs on the roads I was slowly picking our way through.

“We should head for this town over here,” he pointed at it on the map – I can’t remember the name of it now – and tapped on the road we were on. “We’re nearly there anyway, and I think Arianne could do with some rest. We all could. We’ve been in the car all day.”

I glanced at where he was pointing and grunted in resigned agreement, finding my way over to the turning. 

The End

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