Luca: Avoiding Another FightMature

I hoped she wouldn’t actually try locking me and Scott in a room together. I kind of got the feeling we wouldn’t stop fighting til one of us was dead. Then again, maybe he got the message earlier. I hoped he did. I also hoped he stopped being such a dick about everything. I didn’t want to hate him. In fact, if he wasn’t such a fucking idiot, we might have gotten through this relatively easily.

I was, at least, glad to see that Sophia didn’t seem to like him much anymore. I had wondered what she would do if she kept feeling guilty about leaving him. I guess in a way, all these sorts of things went towards trying to earn my trust a little bit. It was gonna take more than a few shows of loyalty to get it, but maybe it would be possible, one day.

There were a couple things on my mind, though. I guess I was worrying about her and Joe. Fuck knows how I’d ended up getting attached to the kid, but it had happened, and I was hoping like hell he’d make it back in one piece, with or without food. And... I was worried that I might have been the one that hit Sophia and sent her stumbling back into the shelves.

I know it would’ve been an accident if I had, it’s not like I was aiming for her. But I have a bit of a history with past girlfriends, I guess. Pushing one of them down the stairs was probably when I was at my worst, but either side of that, I’ve hardly been nice to many of them. The apocalypse was a sort of chance to reinvent myself. I got clean so I could survive. I found a way to live. Aside from the fact that I didn’t wanna think about my past anyway, there was a reason I didn’t like thinking about it, or want to talk about it. That wasn’t who I wanted to be anymore, and I was trying to leave that past self behind as much as possible. I had another chance to do things right when Sophia came along and I didn’t wanna screw it up. Not by accident, or on purpose.

“So, how do you suggest I keep you awake tonight?”

She gave a shrug, “however you can,” a cheeky smile flitted over her lips, “however you like,” she giggled, wincing a little. Oh, I could definitely think of ways to keep her up. Even after everything, thinking with my dick was still a specialty of mine.

"Well, I did have one idea, but I can think of something else, if you're too hurt," I smiled back, kissing along the line of her jaw. She hummed softly.

"Just as long as you're gentle with me,” she said, wrapping her arms around my waist.

"Reckon there's somewhere in here we could go where we won't disturb Scott?" I laughed. The last thing I wanted was another fight. Surprising, I know.

“I think there’s an upstairs, somewhere,” she said, smirking. With a grin, I lifted her up bridal style and  set off to find the stairs up there, pocketing a box of condoms on the way. 

The End

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