Sophia: wasn't going to be sleeping tonight.Mature

The first thing I noticed as I came round was the god awful ache that ran through the side of my head. “Shitting hell. Feels like someone’s smashing me in the side of the head with a hammer,” I turned to see what the slight itching feeling was in my arm and saw that I was Hooked up to the IV that I’d set up for Luca. “Why the hell am I hooked up to this thing?” I felt groggy and disoriented. I could barely remember what had happened before getting hurt.

“Scott did it.” I heard Luca from beside me “and technically it was a shelf you hit your head on,”

It gradually came back to me. The fight between Scott and Luca and them arguing over... well everything. I groaned a mixture of pain and frustration. I swear that guy knows nothing,” I carefully pulled the IV out of my arm and attempted to sit up. The moment I moved a shooting pain ran up from my back and exploded through my head, stars danced in front of my eyes and a wave of dizziness washed over me. “fuck,”  I slid back down again, unable to push myself up anyfurther. “can you get me some morphine or something?” I asked Luca realising that this was going to put me out of action for a few days Shit i thought, this was just what we needed. I was the only one who was able to perform any major first aid. I was the only one, as far as I knew, who could cook in any way and I was clearly going to have to keep Luca and Scott from ripping each other to shreads.

Luca came back with a pack of codine pills instead and handed them to me. I swallowed two dry , noticing the Scott wasn’t around. “where is he then?” I didn’t even need to mention his name.

“back room,” Luca responded

I nodded, only really asking to keep track of him. I reached out for Lucas hand in need of his support. I felt his fingers slip between mine as he took my hand gently.

I sighed, “why cant you two just get over everything and at least work together? I’m not asking you to be best friends,” Like that was ever going to happen, “but a little co operation would be helpful.”

“It’s him that has the problem with me,” he countered. He had a point, as much as Luca clearly hated Scott he didn’t try to provoke him into the fights.

“you don’t exactly help the situation much,” I pulled him closer wanting to be sure that I didn’t wind him up.

“he provokes me. I’ve never been able to keep my temper in check,”

Well that was a given, I smirked, “no shit,” I felt a sudden sense of drowsiness wash over me. Fuck I wasn’t going to be sleeping again tonight. God know what kind of internal damage I’d done. “Don’t let me fall asleep tonight,”

He nodded, a  brief expression of worry crossing his face as I struggled to keep my eyes open.

I sat up slowly, the effects of the codine finally kicking in and pushing back some of the pain. I turned towards him, pulling him slightly closer “what am I going to do with the pair of you?”

That at least pulled a small smile from him, “no idea,” he shrugged.

"maybe I should try locking you up in a room together," I laughed.

“you could try,” he laughed at that

The End

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