Sophia: Testosterone BattleMature

I watched as Joe left, wishing I could just grab the bags off him and run for it. I sighed turning towards Scott and Luca. Fantastic I thought to myself, feeling the tension rise already. I wandered over to Luca feeling slightly worried and annoyed at Scott for not going instead.  “I wanna go with him,” he said watching as Joe walked away.

“I know so do I,”

“If he survives this, can we keep him?”

I smiled at that, thinking about how we could pretty much adopt him, “yeah sure. He’s a good kid,”

“He’s like a puppy. A ginger puppy,”

I giggled gently, feeling slightly better at the fact that Luca had managed to form some sort of attachment to the kid. “Yeah,” I said weakly, I sat down on a table at the side of the room, my head filled with worry.

Luca looked over at Scott, the tension rose again here goes. “You should have gone with him,” Luca snapped. He had a point, my worry for Joe wasn’t completely misplaced, he was only a kid after all as much as he hated it.

Scott just glared back, as if Luca had just suggested that he should have cut his own arm off, “two people would have been harder to hide. Plus he seemed all up for it.” I stared at Scott, in total disbelief. Seriously? Was he that much of a dick?

“He wasn’t all up for it, you stupid cunt. He’s just a kid, he wants to prove himself to us, and it’s going to get him killed, because of you,” Luca  snapped back.

I sighed, feeling my anger rise. “What the hell is wrong with you two? Why can’t you just work together?”

“He needs to stick his neck on the line like the rest of us,” he growled, more at Scott then me but it still upset me slightly.

“Like hell I do. It wasn’t until you came along that things started fucking up,” Scott growled back.

“Have you already forgotten that Sophia’s found a cure because of me? Or are you just going to conveniently forgot about that because you resent me?” I didn’t want to be pulled into this but I knew they were going to pull each other to pieces if I didn’t.

“I don’t resent you,” Scott snapped back, a little too sharply.

“Like hell you don’t Scott. As soon as he bought me back you hated him,” I turned on him. It had been clear from the start that Scott felt threatened by Luca. He couldn’t stand him. And me getting with Luca made it even worse.

“I don’t give a fuck if you hate me, Scott, but you’re not pulling your weight. We’re all in this together, whether you like it or not. But you can’t just send a fucking kid out there!” Luca’s voice began to rise.

“He got AJ killed, he needs to prove that he can handle all this,” Scott shouted back.

“AJ got herself killed! Him being there doesn’t give you reason enough to say that it was entirely his fault.” Luca shouted back.

I couldn’t deal with this much longer. I hated when AJ got bought up, she had been my best friend for years and the fact that she was gone, turned into one of those things, almost killed me. I slid down the wall, the tension and anger getting to me as it always did. I hated people arguing, about anything, I was always the one that just wanted everyone to get along. I guess it came from being an optimist as well as being sensitive to this kind of thing.

“If he hadn’t been there she would have gotten away,” Scott stood up, getting in Luca’s face.

“were you there? Do you know that for sure? No, I didn’t think so, so shut your fucking mouth,”

The End

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