Luca: Can I Keep Him?Mature

I grabbed her wrist with my bad arm, doing my best not to wince as pain reminded me of my mistake. I put my poker face on and hoped no one noticed that tiny cringe as the stitches in my arms tugged.

“Sophia, don’t get distracted,” I couldn’t believe it. She looked half ready to drag me out to the back room again to have her way with me. Under just about any other circumstances, that would’ve been more than okay with me, but now was hardly the time to be thinking with my dick. “We’re hungry, and have no way of getting out to get food. I’d say that’s a priority right now.” Don’t think with your dick, don’t think with your dick, don’t think with your dick.

She bit down on her lip, “sorry, I just...” she took a step back, unwillingly, “sorry.” I wasn’t exactly willing either, but as she moved back, I let go of her.

“We just need to think of a way out,” I said. Don’t think with your dick. “Any ideas?” I looked at Scott, deciding to throw him a bone for once. Now he wasn’t being a royal cunt, I could stand the guy. He had a hint of inferiority complex about him, but he wasn’t acting up, so I didn’t want to shove my fist into his face every five seconds.

“Don’t think I’m going out there,” he said. I loved how he jumped instantly to the conclusion that that was what I was going to get him to do. I’d asked for an opinion, not for him to run out there and distract them. Sophia sighed and rolled her eyes.

“I can sneak out there and get some supplies to tide us over for a few days, at least til Luca’s healed.” I shook my head, but before I could open my mouth to argue, Scott stuck his foot in it. Y’know I said he wasn’t being a cunt so I could stand him? He just started being  a cunt again.

“He’s fine,” he muttered, “pansy.” Why he felt the need to add that onto the end, I have no idea. I was beginning to think he had a death wish.

“I heard that,” I snapped, “shall I rip your arm open? You’ll be fine too, right?” Before things could get much further than that, Sophia moved in front of me so she was between me and Scott. She faced me.

“Calm. It’s okay, honey. I’ll deal with it, okay?” She kissed me on the cheek, leaving me feel more than a little bemused. Did she just decide to fight my own battle for me? “Back off, Scott,” she said, turning to face him. “He’s seriously injured and he’s not going anywhere. If you can’t deal with working together, I’ll throw you to the walkers myself. Got it?” Her tone was surprisingly angry. I was still itching to punch him, and trying to figure out whether I was glad she’d stepped in before I smashed his head open or not. She glared at him a couple more seconds before looking back at me. “You okay?” she murmured, so only I could hear it.

“Can I still punch him?” I asked.

She smirked. “Not until we’ve sorted everything out. If he’s still being a dick then, I’ll let you.” Well it wasn’t a ‘no’. She looked back around at Scott and Joe.

“I’ll go,” Joe said in his quiet little voice, pushing his glasses back up the bridge of his nose. I looked over at him. Apparently my eyes must have already said ‘no’, and pretty sharply, too, because he steeled himself before carrying on. “What? You can’t force Scott to go, and I don’t mean as much to you guys. I’m willing.”

“No. Not on your own. No one should be going anywhere alone, I don’t like it.”

“We have to do something, we can’t just sit here. Scott isn’t going to go...” she shot another glare at him, “you can’t go, obviously. So that just leaves me and Joe.”

“I’m just as good with one hand as I am with both,” I smirked a little bit at my own innuendo. Don’t think with your dick. She rolled her eyes, but there was a smirk on her lips too.

“I don’t want you going out there. If you catch those stitches, you’ll bleed out. Sorry honey.” She’s calling me honey a lot today. She took hold of my good hand. “Joe, how good are you at sneaking around?”

“Good enough.” I looked at him. He was like a little ginger puppy, giving us it’s best yap and hoping it sounded enough like a bark. He looked determined but I knew he was scared shitless. Can I keep him?

The End

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